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Immigration Lawyer Linda Frayre:

Attorney, Owner, Mother, Daughter And Sister

Linda Frayre is the attorney and owner of DTB Inmigrante LLC. Linda’s passion for God and her clients is found every step of the way, from the name of her firm,
“DTB Inmigrante,” which stands for “God Bless You Immigrant,” to every section of her office that has God as its primary authority.

Linda knows the damage that deportation can do to a family, as well as the joy and happiness that a residency brings. She was born in El Paso, Texas, and grew up in the beautiful city of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Her parents are Pedro Solis and Lydia Solis, of Mexican nationality, and her husband is Mateo Bach of Guatemala.

She attended New Mexico State University and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice and Spanish. In 2014, she established residence in Arizona to continue her education to become an exceptional attorney. Here in Arizona, she graduated with a Juris Doctor and was admitted to the Arizona State Bar.

The journey to becoming a lawyer was not an easy one, as Linda transitioned from being a young, single mother at the age of 17 while attending high school to today owning a successful immigration law firm. Linda thanks God that she has been able to find victory in difficult situations. That is why she finds constant success in her clients’ cases.

Before becoming a lawyer, Linda had to deal with the situation of some close family members being deported as well as others being granted residency. She has experienced most of the immigration consequences and achievements through her family members. That is why she decided to prepare herself to be able to help her clients so that they do not feel what she felt for several years, when her family members were affected by the immigration laws and did not find the representation they deserved.

Linda Frayre understands that when going through immigration process you may feel fear, confusion, anxiety, family pressure, sadness and stress. Various emotions arise, and you don’t know how to make decisions that will help you move forward. That’s why this firm is different: Linda understands that at a time like this, you need the most support and clarity possible. She helps each of her clients from the heart and focuses on giving them the best possible service.

Being a realist in this world, she knows you have no time to waste, no time to fool around. It’s easy: You need help, you want to achieve your goals, and this law firm is your solution. Linda’s work and clients are witnesses to the unparalleled work she does.

She knows that immigration law is a very complex law that is constantly under attack, so she focuses solely on this area of law. Her firm is here to help you, protect you, guide you, and exceed your expectations. She is not here to take your money, then lie to you and make false promises.

Apart from being an excellent lawyer, Linda Frayre is an excellent mother and stepmother of nine children, an active member and leader in the Pentecostal church New Joy Ministries and a conscientious mentor to several immigration colleagues.

“I love to help everyone, whether they are clients, other lawyers or sisters in the church. I love to serve, in the biggest as well as the smallest way, because God has always blessed me and if I can bless someone I will gladly do it.

“God is always with me. He gives me great wisdom in the most difficult cases I have had, and several times I am totally surprised with the results. I am very happy to be able to share God’s presence through my actions.

“Thanks to God I have been able to get ahead despite having many struggles and battles but God has always sent people close to me to support me, I have excellent parents, and an excellent husband, my children who are my motivation to get ahead and who make me remember how blessed I am.”

- Linda Frayre

The team at DTB Inmigrante LLC is a team that is determined to assist all clients in achieving their immigration goals. The firm does not hire just anyone to work with you – only the best. In addition to the vast experience of the firm’s team, Linda focuses on hiring people with a big heart, dedication to their work and a desire to serve.

When you contact the firm, you will immediately hear from a caring, compassionate, big-hearted person. The team members understand your concerns and your fears and as such will assist you as soon as possible and to the best of their ability.

You will always talk to attorney Linda Frayre. Why? Because she is the one to answer your questions, and your case is of the utmost importance to her. She and her team want to know everything about your legal situation, and they will never judge you for your past mistakes. It is important to hear all the details of your life so that her firm can help you. Please feel free to tell her all about your immigration situation, as everything you say will be kept completely confidential.

Attorney Linda Frayre hold her team to the following standards: reliability, discipline, accountability, result-oriented, determination, inspiration, aligned. Our team strives for excellence because our Core Values control our policies and procedures.

Thank you for your attention, time and trust; Linda and her team hope you will be greatly blessed.


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