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Fiancée Visas:

Engagement Visa (K1)

The engaged visa allows your partner to enter the United States in a legal manner and marry you upon arrival. One of the requirements is that you get married within 90 days. The visa also allows you to adjust your immigration status within the United States, without having to return to your home country to do so.

Did you know that at this time it is taking seven to eight months for this visa application to be approved with USCIS? Once approved we have to schedule an appointment with a consular officer in order for you to be granted the visa.

Engagement Visa (K3)

This visa is similar to the (K1) visa, except that you must be legally married to your partner and you must submit the I-130 to the USCIS which must be approved. This visa also allows you to adjust your immigration status within the country.

Did you know that if you have children they can also get a visa together with you to enter the United States? Your partner can apply for an engaged visa (K3) for them as well so that they do not have to be separated from their children.

The team at DTB Inmigrante LLC wants your wedding to be a very special day for you and your family. The firm can get you and your loved one together in this country, with a legal status that will open the door to permanent residency.