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Visas For Victims Of Crimes:

Keep Your Family’s American Dream Alive With An Immigration Team’s Help

It is frightening and painful to suffer abuse anywhere. You may feel especially vulnerable if this happens to you while you are living outside your own country with uncertain immigrant status.

Fortunately, laws exist to protect noncitizen victims of crimes in this country. The following descriptions are general and abbreviated. To protect your right to pursue one of these avenues of protection after someone has committed a crime against you, get personalized advice from a knowledgeable immigration law attorney.

At DTB Inmigrante LLC, in El Mirage, Arizona, you will find compassion and the legal guidance that you need to pursue immigration solutions available to you.

U Visa Requirements

You may qualify for a U visa after you were a victim of a crime in the U.S. In most cases, you should have reported the crime to the police and cooperated with investigators. Team members at DTB Inmigrante LLC can help.

You may be eligible for a work permit soon after applying for a U visa. You may also include family members in your petition. The crime may have been an abduction, sexual abuse, domestic violence, false imprisonment, blackmail, stalking, torture or conspiracy to commit similar crimes.

What If Your U.S. Citizen Spouse, Son Or Daughter Attacked You?

According to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) – even if you are male – you may qualify for permanent residency after your husband, wife, son or daughter targeted you with domestic violence.

If You Were A Victim Of Human Trafficking

You may qualify for a T visa after escaping from human trafficking. Were you smuggled into the U.S. for labor trafficking? Attorney Linda Frayre and the legal team at DTB Inmigrante LLC, can evaluate your case and assist you in pursuing the most favorable legal status that you qualify for.

Perhaps Crimes Against You Occurred In Your Home Country

Certain residents of other countries may qualify for asylum or temporary protected status (TPS) when conditions in their home countries are too dangerous to return to. Ask attorney Frayre about the possibility of TPS status if civil war or similar situations forced you to escape your home in Venezuela, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Cameroon or elsewhere, and seek refuge in the U.S.

The Future Can Look Up After A Frightening Experience

Compassion and respect are always starting points at this immigration law firm. To help keep you safe, we will guide you step by step in seeking at least temporary or partial justice through a protective immigration status.

Also ask the legal team at DTB Inmigrante LLC to direct you toward resources in the community (such as shelters for battered spouses or domestic partners) where you may find counseling and other types of support while working on your immigration goal.

Helping You Seek A Way Forward Through An Immigration Status Available To You

To schedule a consultation and discuss your experiences as a victim of crimes in the U.S. or in your home country, call 602-853-4023 or email the team. Your safety counts at DTB Inmigrante LLC.