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Removal Defense:

Deportation Defense With Skill, Compassion And Possibility Thinking

Worrying about removal or deportation can literally make you sick. No one can deny that it is stressful to have to think about having your life uprooted and disrupted. How will you start over if you are sent back to your country with no home or job to go to? What will it be like to be separated from your family and lose the lifestyle that you are accustomed to in the U.S.?

Such questions may cause you to lose sleep. It is far better to arm yourself with information and make carefully thought-out contingency plans. Getting legal advice that you can trust is an important part of preparation.

Maybe you don’t have time to prepare. Maybe you or your spouse or child has already been detained. Your legal situation is urgent. Rest assured that attorney Linda Frayre and the team at DTB Inmigrante LLC have helped many clients avoid removal.

Removal Defense Is Highly Personal

Even though people’s experiences of being deported may be similar when it happens, the many ways of preventing it can differ greatly. The reason for the differences is that each person’s situation is unique. Your opportunities to avoid removal may include one or more of the following:

° An application for asylum, a U visa, VAWA protection, a T visa or TPS

° An expedited petition for adjustment of status based on a legitimate marriage to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

° Voluntary departure followed by a well-documented application for an available legal immigration status

° The appeal of a criminal case after a conviction resulted in the threat of deportation

° A persuasive application for a waiver of removal for a variety of possible reasons

At DTB Inmigrante LLC, an atmosphere of advocacy and trust attracts clients. Attorney Linda Frayre and the firm’s team have helped many clients find and achieve ways to stay in this country. Many had been rejected by previous lawyers before finding the solutions they needed through attorney Frayre’s knowledge, talents and determination.

Give Your Future In The U.S. Another Chance

The entire team at this law firm works hard to find solutions for clients seeking to prevent or stop deportation. Solving immigration problems is what they do.

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