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Permanent Residence Cards:

Remove Conditions From Your 2-Year Permanent Residence Card

If you obtained your permanent residency through a petition from your spouse, and you were married less than two years when you were approved for your residency, you will have to submit a special application to immigration to be granted a 10-year permanent residency. This package is different than renewing your residency, since you have to prove that you were married in good faith and that you are still married. As a matter of fact, you will need to submit different form and evidence in order to remove the 2-year condition from your green card.

Did you know that if you were a victim of domestic violence or abuse by your spouse, you can apply for an exception? This exception is on your application and you must submit evidence to prove that you were a victim.

Renewal Of Your Legal Permanent Residency (Green Card Renewal)

If your permanent residence is due to expire within six months or you have lost your permanent residence, DTB Inmigrante LLC can help you renew or replace it if necessary. The process takes about a year, but by submitting your application, you will get a 12-month extension by mail.

Did you know that not having your permanent residence card with you is a crime? Immigration law requires you to have your permanent residence card with you at all times. Not having your permanent residence card with you can result in being convicted of a misdemeanor, having to pay a fine, and you may have to serve time in jail.

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