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Obtaining Your Criminal And Immigration Records:

Obtaining Your Criminal And Immigration Records:

Do you want to obtain your immigration records before starting an immigration process? Don’t you remember the times you have encountered immigration and fear that this will affect you when submitting a petition or application on your behalf?

There are several possibilities to obtain a copy of your immigration records. At DTB Inmigrante LLC, attorney Linda Frayre understands that these records are important and that you are afraid of getting in trouble with immigration if you request them, so she makes sure to request them and protect you.

The FOIA to USCIS gives you the ability to review any document sent to the immigration office (USCIS). If someone submitted a request for you in the past, or if you submitted an application with the immigration office and you do not know if it was approved, DTB Inmigrante LLC can send a request for those records to immigration.

The FOIA to CBP is often used when you want to know the dates you entered and left the country with your residency or visa. This FOIA is very effective for naturalization cases.

FOIA to ICE, if you had contact with immigration while you were in the US, and they arrested you or let you out on parole, the firm can request all records from that incident.

The FOIA to OBIM is vital if you have in the past attempted to cross the border and were apprehended, possibly placed in expedited removal, voluntary return or immediate deportation proceedings. The firm can request all records by submitting your fingerprints to immigration.

If you have ever been in front of an immigration judge and do not know how your case ended, or if you would like to know if you can reopen your case, DTB Inmigrante LLC can help you. The firm’s team would first need to request your complete file from the immigration court, and this would be done through this FOIA.

FBI records keep records of your criminal acts. The firm can send your fingerprints and require a list of every time you were stopped or arrested by federal or state police.

Obtaining records of your court record: If you have had a state or family court case and want a copy of your file, DTB Inmigrante LLC can help you. It is important to obtain these records to assess the consequences they may have on your pending immigration case.

Did you know that your immigration and criminal history is extremely important to a positive outcome in your immigration case? Your past actions determine your immigration chances and identify what type of waiver is beneficial to your case.

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