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I-601, I-601a, I-212 Waivers:

Waivers: I-601a, I-601, I-212

The I-601a waiver is a waiver specially designed to forgive unlawful presence in this country. If you entered illegally once, or your permit, visa, or DACA was revoked or expired, and you were in this country for more than 6 months illegally, this waiver helps you to not be punished when you go for your interview at the American consulate in your country. The punishment can be three or 10 years. It is extremely important that before you exit the U.S. to your country of origin, you submit this waiver, This waiver is delicate and requires ample evidence.Therefore, do not leave such an important step in the hands of just anyone. The legal professionals at DTB Inmigrante LLC have vast experience and approvals in this area. Call 602-853-4023 today so the firm can help you avoid a three- to 10-year punishment.

Did you know that if you have submitted a waiver with someone else in the past and it was denied, the firm can help you submit a second waiver where DTB Inmigrante LLC will explain to immigration why it should be approved and submit ample evidence?

If you have ever misbehaved a little bit, whether it was drunk driving, violence, drugs, tattoos, friendships with the wrong people, arrests, etc., the team at DTB Inmigrante LLC can help you deal with the consequences of your past mistakes, so they don’t get in the way of your immigration paperwork. The firm can file an I-601 waiver which, when approved, will allow you to overcome your past mistakes and move on to your future goals.

Did you know that we can ask immigration to expedite the processing of this waiver if you are in an emergency situation so that you don’t have to be out of the country for so long?

If you have ever heard of having a 10-year permanent bar, or 10-year punishment, for multiple illegal entries into the United States, the I-212 waiver is right for you. After you have been in your country for 10 years, you can submit this waiver in order to obtain your permanent residency.

Did you know that DTB Inmigrante LLC conducts a special analysis with all clients, to make sure that they are not inadmissible with immigration so that their residency is not denied? The firm’s team is very cautious in this area, as they do not want you to have to stay away from your family any longer than necessary.

Are you afraid of going to your home country for your immigration interview and not being able to return?