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Adjustment of Status:

Adjustment Of Status Under 245(a) And 245(i)

Adjustment of status is an immigration process that allows you to adjust status within the country. This process provides you with a work permit and a special permit that allows you to leave the country in case of an emergency while your USCIS case is pending. Not all individuals qualify for this special permit, only those who can prove that they entered the country legally and were admitted. The team at DTB Inmigrante LLC evaluates all cases to ensure that no clients are inadmissible, so a consultation with the firm’s attorney is extremely important.

If you entered this country illegally, there is still a chance that you can adjust your status within the country – in other words, that you can obtain your residency without leaving the United States.

For example:

1. Adjust under 245(i): this is when a relative petitioned you, or your spouse or parent, directly. And you were included in the petition. Since this law says that if you were included or petitioned before April 30, 2001. You can get your residency in the U.S. if you pay a special waiver of $1000.

2. If you have a child who is part of the military.

3. If you have U-Visa, Asylum, VAWA, T-Visa status or have entered this country under parole.

If you did not enter the U.S. legally and do not meet the exception to the 245(i), we can still help you obtain your legal permanent residency, by consular processing. This process allows you to complete the petition and waiver process and only exit the U.S. once you have an interview notice date. We are very diligent in evaluation every possibility of inadmissibility prior to your exit in order to avoid any delays and shorten the days of stay in your home country.

If you think you may qualify for residency in the country, give the firm a call, and attorney Linda Frayre will be happy to discuss your case in a consultation.

Did you know that you can obtain your residency without leaving the country and that the process is currently taking 8 to 10 months? And that DTB Inmigrante LLC can represent you in your immigration interview for your residency?

You have your residency at hand. Don’t continue to live in fear of deportation.